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Natural Dry Eye Relief Proper Support of Tear Function Maximizes Absorption in Natural Triglyceride Form Molecularly Distilled in a Pharmaceutically Licensed Facility.  Addresses a root cause of Posterior Blepharitis/Meibomian Gland       Dysfunction.



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The only advanced formula to incorporate the two leading eyelid cleansers Tea Tree Oil & Hypochlorous Acid
If you have dry, irritated eyes then most likely you’re suffering from Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) which routinely is caused by Blepharitis (Inflammation of the eyelid)
Doctors Optimal Formula has developed a revolutionary new eyelid cleanser; all-natural, preservative-free, and unlike any other on the market. It is a deep-cleaning foam cleanser, yet gentle and restorative. Our Lid Scrub Formula utilizes a proprietary, synergistic blend which incorporates the two most effective lid cleansers available, Tea Tree Oil and Hypochlorous Acid.
Our team of doctors have developed the Lid Scrub Formula to be the therapy of choice for those suffering from Blepharitis and Dry Eye Syndrome, and is the most effective eyelid cleanser currently available.
It is little-known yet of vital importance that the shelf life of  Hypochlorous Acid is very short. So short, in fact, that it loses approximately 1% of its potency per day. Therefore, most products containing Hypochlorous Acid can’t realize the full benefits of this incredible natural cleanser. Our team at Doctors Optimal Formula have been able to counteract Hypochlorous Acid’s instability by utilizing and in-house Hyochlorous Acid Generator. Each Lid Scrub is made-to-order, and thus ensures maximum potency. It is for this reason that we suggest using the Lid Scrub within 30 days of ordering.

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IF DRY EYES ARE A PERSISTENT PROBLEM call and make an appointment with my staff to see the Doctor so I can get you on a program that works for you.
Dr Jezick
D.E.R.M. Dry Eye Relief Mask
The Dry Eye Relief Mask is available exclusively through eyecare professionals.
 We do this because we believe it is very important that your doctor diagnose what type of dry eye you have. This will ensure you receive the highest and best level of eyecare for your specific condition.
The Dry Eye Relief Mask, D.E.R.M.™, is our moist-heat compress for mild dry eye. The mask contains Silica beads which naturally attract moisture from the air and release it when microwaved. Heating the mask for 20 seconds will provide soothing moist-heat relief for 5-6 minutes. We supply complimentary samples of liners with the D.E.R.M. which can be moistened and applied to the mask prior to heating to extend the treatment to 7-9 minutes. D.E.R.M.™ is hypoallergenic and can also be used to create cold therapies for allergy relief.                                              Mild Dry Eye and Prevention        Dry eye syndrome is a common ocular surface disease in which the tear film is affected. Causes can be related to the environment (wind, sun, dust, living in high altitudes…), lifestyle (staring at screens for long periods of time, poor nutrition, eye surgery…) or physical condition (hormonal changes, aging, Sjögren’s Syndrome, thyroid eye conditions…).       There are two types of dry eye: aqueous deficient and evaporative. However, about one third of patients show a combination of both, which means the signs and symptoms often overlap.       Dry eye symptoms include watery eyes, pain and redness, blurred vision, stinging or burning of the eye, and sandy or gritty feeling.
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